Ruy Carpenter's Art and Photography
Sun Flowered
Night Thrum
Fire and Water Thangka, Pt. 2

Ruy Carpenter has been studying photography and digital art in depth since 2000. He lived in Fiji for a number of years and developed his photographic eye shooting landscapes and animals in that lush tropical environment. Ruy worked as a technical assistant to the artist and Spiritual Master, Adi Da Samraj from 2000 to 2008, when Adi Da passed. Much of Ruy's art is a response to that process.

In his own words:

"Working as a technical assistant in Adi Da's art studio was a pressure cooker of creativity, a master class in the principles of fundamental human aesthetics and a profound invitation and alignment to relating to the world around me as an entirely artistic experience. The artistic intent that Adi Da lived every day that I spent in His Company had a profound initiatory force that I have never 'recovered' from.

Since His passing in 2008, I have continued to work with His art in various ways, as part of the foundry He created for shepherding His art's collection and appreciation in the world. In addition, I have continually participated in my own artistic process in response to the outpouring I experienced in His art studio, as a kind of ecstatic remembrance and invocation of the Fountainhead of creativity that He was.

He often spoke and wrote about the artistic process, and about the necessarily self-transcending process that true art requires. In Transcendental Realism, the book He wrote about His image-art process, Adi Da writes:

True art does not and cannot bring the process of art to an end. True art makes more art inevitable.... Therefore, the effort to defeat (or bring an end to) the urge to make and do more art is futile--and, likewise, the effort to defeat (or bring an end to) all other art (and event all other artists) is absurd. True art is neither chess nor dice nor poker. True art is the Irreducible Beloved--to be "Won" at Infinite and Perfect Cost of "self".

Regardless of how much I may have prepared, the best art pieces are always spontaneous happenings, when the present moment and the intended vision meet in a mysterious conjunction that reminds me of the bigger picture of Reality in which both I and my subject inhere. This was always the process that Adi Da enabled and inspired in his art studio, and it is the process I look to continue in my art."


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