Night Thrum

About the artist


Ruy Carpenter has been studying photography and digital art in depth since 2000. He lived in Fiji for several years and developed his photographic eye while working as a technical assistant to the artist and spiritual master, Adi Da Samraj, from 2000 to 2008. He is deeply influenced by the art and creative impulse he experienced in Adi Da’s company during that time, and his work is an ongoing exploration of the principles of esoteric Spirituality and the aesthetics of ecstasy that he experienced in that circumstance.

In his own words:

"Working as a technical assistant in Adi Da's art studio was a pressure cooker of creativity, a master class in the principles of fundamental human aesthetics and a profound invitation to relate to the world around me as an entirely artistic experience. The artistic intent that Adi Da lived had a profound initiatory force that I have been learning how to conduct and respond to ever since.

Since Adi Da's passing in 2008, I have continued to work with his art in various ways, as part of the foundry he created for shepherding his art's movements in the world. In addition, I have continually participated in my own artistic process.

I'm drawn to focus on the deep process of what it means to be human, what it means to be a conscious participant in life and in reality altogether, and the spirit of devotion to beauty, truth, and the state of ecstasis, or standing outside oneself, is the root inspiration.

In Transcendental Realism, the book Adi Da wrote about his image-art process, he writes:

True artists must (now, as ever before) endure the discovery-discipline wherein art can be authentically ecstatic (or truly ego-transcending and Ultimate-Reality-Revealing)—and they must, also, endure the process of discovering how (as a result) their art can (now, and in the future) profoundly serve the global culture in which all must live....

The right and true artistic struggle is not purposed merely to fulfill oneself and make that "self" lovable by the world. The right and true artistic struggle is to transcend oneself, in order to be entered fully into the Truth, the Beauty, and the Reality That Is beyond "self".

It is this confrontation with my own limits as artist, and the sacrifice of 'self' that necessarily takes place in the true artistic moment, that I am moved to embrace in the image-making process.

What is remarkable is that the best art pieces that come to fruition are always mysterious happenings, when I feel that I have stepped out of the way and the discipline of the art form melts into a kind of ecstatic dance. Then it feels that the art is revealing itself spontaneously, like a living conversation.

The images on this site are offered in hope that you can also enjoy the fruits of this conversation ongoing.”